24 June 2021

Our flies have arrived safe and well after their journey by ferry from London to Paris:
The images show the unloading and unpacking of boxes and our “drosos” in their new home; plus a treat for us to celebrate this big step of our installation.

Thank you so much to the Crick Fly Facility -especially Terence- for taking care of our flies for so long. And also to Suveetha at the IBENS and the CNRS logistics team, Ulisse, for helping us with the organisation of the transfer!

08 June 2021

Update 09 July 2021: Applications are now closed, but we hope to recruit again next year for a start in autumn 2022.

24 January 2021

Our Paris team is growing:
Faredin Alejevski joined us this January as a postdoc, bienvenue, Faredin!

05 February 2020

A logo for our lab website:
María del Carmen (MC) Díaz de la Loza made this beautiful drawing for our personal lab website! It was inspired by a winter photo of the Tour Eiffel behind branches of trees that reminded us of neuronal arborizations in the brain.

03 February 2020

Our first team member has arrived today:
Bienvenue! Welcome, Cara, to our Paris lab!

1 January 2020

Our lab has arrived in Paris:
After weeks of packing and unpacking, our lab resembles a lab again and is ready to welcome new team members and to start experiments in its new home!

25 October 2019

A new PhD from our lab:
Emma passed her Viva with flying colors on the 25th October 2019. Many congratulations from all of us, Emma!!!

22 October 2019

Welcome to our new lab website launched today! We look forward to sharing the news from our lab as it moves from London to its new home in Paris in the future.